Gareth Volus D'Orien

Gunslinger PIrate on the Airship Skyberus


“Anonymity does not breed history.”

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Class: Gunslinger

The Gist: A young gunner who wants to make his mark on the world, he wants to go down in the history books.


Taris – feels she needs to step forward as an honorable, functioning member of society. Wishes she would accredit him for his brash heroic actions.

Jetrol- Study companion in the field of magic. Trusts his expertise, but not his judgement.

Danlia- Gareth seeks to prove his worth to her because she saw him get kicked off of the boat. Offended that she threw away the title and credibility of which type he seeks to be with Jetrol.

Sam – Is a little jealous of Sam’s Success as a columnist. He tends to suck up to her a lot to try to sneak his way into the column, but with little to no avail.

Turk – doesn’t quite appreciate the anonymity behind his stealth and trickery. Understands it’s necessary, especially when you need it to be good at fighting.

Friends- Thoril from Woodhelm is the only friend besides Taris that Gareth has ever had.

Antagonist- Thoril- Now works to further the emerald claw. Thoril is tasked with hunting down Gareth for desertion, and murders Gareths mother to prove that point.

Romantic Antagonist.- People who flirt with his love interests.

Mentors- Bran Korwood – Head of Town Guard of Woodhelm. Taught Gareth the fundamentals of Chivalry, Knighthood, and respectable demeanor. Currently resides in Woodhelm.

Merrix D’Cannith – Tracked down through recommendation of Jetrol. Consulted to imbue ammo with magic. Gareth gets missions and jobs from him in exchange for ammo. Currently in Sharn.

Korix Thrasher – Master Gunner on Airship Skyberus. Worked with Gareth twice on two different ships, the Baetylus, and the Skyberus. Taught Gareth about guns, weaponry, repair, and all other essentials he needed to survive on a ship. Keeps Gareth in line and out of trouble. Currently with Gareth on the ship.

Character Interests- studying magic and how to use it himself.
Also plays flute.

Has been “In love” with so many people that he has muddled the lines of what love is. Tends to be shy and reserved around women he likes.

Military History-
Three months enlisted in the Emerald Claw.

Tragic Event-
The day he was contacted by Bran to tell him his mother was murdered by Thoril.

Happiest moment-
Although it was for illegal and questionable reasons, Gareth’s happiest moment was the day his father arrived to take him. It was his first time getting to see the world, and he felt free.

Wants to find credibility through honor, adventuring, and heroism.

Demeanor- Charismatic, Outgoing, and expressive. Takes credit for his own actions, and the actions of others who are uncomfortable taking credit for there own.

Outlook on religion- Doesn’t associate with any religions. Feels it causes too many boundaries between cultures and people. Aware of draws and drawbacks of each one. Not “atheist” through ignorance. Very adamant about expressing that.

Disposition- Generally happy, suave, and understanding. Often hopeful.

Moodiness(1-10 scale)- 4. generally holds a positive outlook. Gets excited about the mention of arcane abilities. Gets very upset quickly when “family” and “honor” is threatened.

Optimistic extrovert that finds his morals in his suaveness and the scout code (trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Minus reverent). Incredibly impulsive, terribly bold, and there is little to no chance of changing his mind when e makes a decision.

Affinity- Warm, Friendly, but not yet trusting.

Comportment- Carries himself with a friendly, flashy, professional air. Gets jobs through charismatic trustworthy personality. Among crew, he is much less professional, more goofy, but much more sincere.

Disclosure (1-10 scale)- 4. unless forced to, or someone he cares about a lot asks, he tends to keep certain details of his life under raps. Although he is very willing to inflate parts of his life story to get what he needs from commonfolk.
Conformity- Very good at faking social interest and replicating social cues to seem sincere when bluffing, intimidating, or even when consoling someone.
Coming of Age-
1. consistently jumping ship to ship at a young age, Gareth went through a slight identity crisis. Having been told to stand up for himself and his morals by bran, and to hide his identity by Jorus, Gareth decided years later that he will always stand for what he believes in. himself.
2. Inner conflict of knightly demeanor VS. pirate lifestyle led Gareth to an intense adherence to his own personal law. While not always the most honorable in the eyes of others, his moral spectrum leads him towards his own path of “right and wrong”.
3. Getting kicked off of Donlia’s ship led to Gareth finally seeking a title of his own. He never wanted to be illegitimized by his lowly rank ever again.

Names of ships served on- * Sea Fairing
1. The Sectus IV*
2. The Scimitar*
3. Home I*
4. The Baetylus*
5. The Tantive IV*
6. Danlia’s Fathers ship (whatever Morgaine wants to name it.)
7. The Serenity II (I met Taris on this ship)
8. Forager
9. The Rusty Crow
10. The Decimator
11. The Houndstooth*
12. The Tydirium
13. Skyberus


Family History- Jorus D’Orien of Lazar principalities, Master Gunner of the ship Sectus IV, and Salina Volus of Breland, seamstress in the town of Woodhelm, fell in love during a month long supply stop for Sectus IV. Salina became pregnant with Gareth, and although love had struck him, he had to leave, under the promise that he would return to care for their child later.

Childhood- Born and raised in Woodhelm, a small town in the Country of Breland, Gareth lived quietly with his mother, Salina, and his best friend, Thoril. His days included chores for his mother, playing with Thoril, and cleaning the weapon stocks for the towns guard with his mentor and father figure, Bran Korwood.

Adolescence- At the age of 15, Gareth’s father finally came back to help raise him as promised. His care came in the form of making him leave Woodhelm (which Gareth was ready to do anyway, to embark on tales of adventure like that of Bran Korwood) and helping Gareth avoid the draft for the War. Consistently hauled to this ship and that, Gareth lost ties with everyone he knew, even eventually his father. He was forced to grow up on his own, with only the morals of Knighthood from Bran, and the Lifestyle of the Pirate from his father to guide him.

Early Adult Life- At age 19, Gareth became a powder monkey on the ship belonging to Danlia D’Lyrandar’s Father, but was very quickly kicked off for not “pulling his weight. When in reality, Gareth’s higher up was taking credit for all of Gareth’s actions.*3 The following year, Gareth met Taris aboard an airship they both worked on. Gareth instantly took a liking to Taris, making her his Best friend, rival, and career long fighting partner. From that point on, Taris and Gareth stuck together when changing ships. Starting as a powder monkey on the Sectus IV, Gareth has worked his way up to Second Mate of Master gunner Korix Thrasher on the Airship Skyberus by the age of 22 (the year of the Mourning).

Recent Years- Because of the events of the Mourning, Gareth has become enamored with the power and mystery behind magic. Through the recommendation of Jetrol, Danlia’s betrothed, Gareth has tracked down Merrix of house Cannith to help him imbue himself and his pistol ammunition with magic. This has led to his employment as a hired gun and running man for house Cannith, in exchange for their help. Through his employment, he discovered the Emerald claw, an organization that told him they fought for freedom, glory, and honor throughout the land. Gareth meets up with childhood best friend Thoril, who is also a member. He worked for them for 3 months, and quit upon discovering their roots as a terrorist organization. Gareth is now aboard Skyberus with Taris.

Gareth Volus D'Orien

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