Character Prep Document

Note: This does not have to be completed in order, complete it in whatever order comes easiest to you.

Eberron Timeline
Religions of Eberron
Just go ahead and refer to the Eberron wiki in general when needing pertinent information.

The Gist

Basic Concept: What is the basic concept for the character you envision? Like, guy with lightning shooting out of his hands? Or Elven Red Mage? Etc.

Primary Motivation: What does your character want out of life?


Think of your history as an outline rather than an essay, using these periods as your outline headers.

  • Lineage – The stuff leading up to your character’s birth, family history, stuff like that.
  • Childhood – The stuff that happened to your character growing up.
  • Adolescence – That budding young age where children become adults.
  • Early Adulthood – That phase of life just after coming of age.
  • Recent History – The last year or two, stuff that has happened since the Day of Mourning.

Now that you have your headers, here are the things to flesh out your history outline

Family: Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Houses, Siblings, Cousins? Who are you related to, everyone came from somewhere, and what significant events happened in your characters life regarding their family?

Education: Your character knows stuff, who did they learn it from? And where? And how?

Employment: What does your character do for a living? What did they use to do?

Geography: Where did your character live throughout their life? Where were they born? Where are they now?

Religion: Who/what do they worship? Or do they care at all? How devout are they? How open toward expressing their beliefs are they? How tolerant of other religions are they? How and when did they come to believe what they believe?

Friends: Who worked alongside them? Who learned alongside them? What friends do they have out there in the world now?

Interests: Everyone needs at least one interest that has nothing to do with their class or their profession. Something, anything. Art, music, drawing, long distance running, whatever.

Romance: What is their romantic history? DId they have a childhood crush? Did they have their first kiss at an awkward festival? Who are their former lovers and romantic interests?

Antagonists: Who have they gone up against in their lifetime? Who do they find themselves coming up against every now and again? Anyone from rivals with the same goals, to death-oath-wielding-villains. You should probably pick one at least one romantic antagonist, and one professional antagonist.

Tragedy: What was the most tragic moment of your character’s life?

Comedy: What was the happiest moment of your character’s life? What is their ‘happy thought’?

Coming of Age: Can you pinpoint a moment in your character’s life where they became, whether they realized it or not, an adult? Was there a ceremony? Or was it just a moment of clarity and maturity?

First Adventure: What was the first adventure your character ever went on?

How did you meet…? How did you meet at least one other character from the party?

Group Dynamics

Solidarity: Name one point of common interest or bond of friendship between you and another character from the party (preferable not the one you used for How did you Meet…)

Contention: Name a point of contention between you and another character from the party (preferably not one of the ones you used before).


Law, Chaos, or Neutral? Does your character lean toward following the rules of others? Or do they go with the flow, following their own interests and specifically spiting the rules of others? Or are they somewhere in between?

Good, Evil, or Neutral: Does your character look out for the good of others at a cost to themselves? Does your character look out for themselves at the cost of others? Or somewhere in between, where they look out for both themselves and others?

Primary Motivation: What does your character want out of life?

Disposition: What is your character’s default emotional disposition? Are they cocky? Are they laughable? Are they serious and grim?

Moodiness: How easily does your character switch between emotions? How volatile are they emotionally?

Outlook: Optimistic? Pessimistic? Realist?

Integrity: How trustworthy is your character? How codified are their morals?

Impulsiveness: How likely is your character to just run off and do the thing? Or are they the slow and careful planner type?

Boldness: Are they timid and quiet? Are they brave and loud? How likely are they to put themselves out there?

Flexibility: How adaptable are they to new situations and new information? Do they need to sit and think things through? Or do they prefer to do things ‘off the cuff’ as it were?

Affinity: How warm or cold is your character toward other people? Are they affectionate with strangers? Or are they closed off and unyielding?

Comportment: How do they carry themselves? Do they stand tall? Do they slouch behind other people if given the opportunity?

Interactivity: How engaging are they with the world? Will they touch/smell/see new things or people? Or do they prefer to not get involved?

Disclosure: How likely are they to talk about themselves with other people? To tell their stories?

Conformity: How well or closely do they conform to social norms? Or do they buck tradition and strut their own path?

Humor: What does your character find funny? Slapshtick? Witticism? Dramatic Irony?

Attitude towards… What is your character’s attitude toward opposing religions? Politics? Magic? Nature? Other Races?

The Basics


Character Prep Document

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