Jetrol Darkwood d'Cannith

Artificer & Mad Scientist Extraordinaire


“It’s not a bad idea if it works.”

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Class: Artificer

The Gist: A mad scientist type adventurer born of Cyre, currently adventuring with his wife and partner after a forbidden romance due to their different dragonmarks.

House Cannith – Formerly.
Oargev Ir-Wynarn – Formerly.

974 – Born to Joyle and Eisol Darkwood in Eston. Eisol being a half orc and one of the best non-dragonmarked carpenters. Joyle being a human woman and trade law barrister for house Lyrandar. His little brother, Lorne Darkwood, is born 10 months later.

980 – Jetrol meets Donlia for the first time when his father is repairing an elemental galleon.

985 – begins apprenticeship with father on board elemental galleon crewed by Donlia’s family. His mother educates him as they travel.

989 – discovered Donlia’s family is going to be the first Air ship pilots. Forges paperwork and discovers his skills as an artificer when making the switch. Gets his family assigned as part of the crew.

990 – first air ship launches, shortly thereafter Donlia’s mother passes away. Later that year his dragonmark appears on his left arm. His foundling status is made known to house cannith who officially brings him into the House. Before being whisked away he promises Donlia he will come back to her as soon as he can. He is officially given the name Jetrol Darkwood d’Cannith.

991 – apprentices under Merrix d’Cannith in Sharn. Merrix’ daughter Raine d’Cannith takes a romantic interest in Jetrol.

993 – discovers his younger brother was serving in Cyre’s cavalry. apprenticeship under the cannith crafters of Sharn ends. He convinces Raine to help him get assigned to a Cyran unit as their warforged repair staff.

994 – while serving on the Cyran/Thrane border his warforged unit is sent across the border into Thrane on a recon mission. Minutes after they cross the border they watched as a mist filled magical storm swept across the lands behind them. Watching his friends enveloped by the strange most just miles away his unit is ambushed by Thranish soldiers led by a war wizard. By the time the third warforged in his group died, he snapped. He ran over to a defeated enemy commander and without thinking snatched a wand off of his belt. He cursed and muttered and pointed it at the Thranish soldiers and watched as they were enveloped in flames. He bent down, grabbed a second wand and waded across the battlefield aiming for maximum destruction. After the fight his unit returned to Cyre to search for survivors and found none, human or warforged. Jetrol and just 5 warforged were the sole survivors from their command. They traveled for two weeks together through the mourn lands searching for survivors before finally discovering that none existed. The warforged agreed to go their separate ways, and Jetrol makes his way to Sharn , hoping to send word to Donlia.

995 – before reaching Sharn he gets messages from Donlia that renews his hope, but he keeps getting distracted on his way south. Cyran refugees led by Prince Oargev, need assistance and he does his best to help them within the laws. He continues to write letters to Donlia. Merrix d’Cannith commands him to return to Sharn. The prince tells him he should leave. He writes his old mentor a letter, resigning his position within the house. He promises to not use his mark for the benefit of others for free. He signs it and stamps it with his old signet ring, Jetrol d’Darkwood, Son of Cyre.

996 – he travels to Thronehold as part of Prince Oargev’s entourage for the signing of the treaty. The treaty signers by majority vote agree that because Cyre no longer exists, he gets no say. Luckily for the Cyrans, King Boranel agrees to let them found New Cyre on Breland land. It’s lands that Breland didn’t want, but it was land. Prince Oargev dismisses Jetrol from his service as he can do more good for the Cyran cause as an adventurer than sitting in a town dealing with paperwork. Jetrol travels to Stormhome to meet up with Donlia.

997 – reunited after 7 years, Donlia and Jetrol our ecstatic to be together again. Jetrol and Donlia’s relationship is frowned upon by almost everyone. They’re different races, they both have dragonmarks, chances are high that any children they have will be aberrant marked. The two eventually secret away and with the blessing of a sovereign host priest, they get married. A week after the wedding Jetrol is kidnapped by warforged who demand he reactivate and old creation forge. He stalls long enough for Donlia to rescue him.

998 – Jetrol and Donlia take to adventuring to make their own mark in the world.

Jetrol Darkwood d'Cannith

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