Turk Stringer


“Haven’t seen it.”

Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Class: Rogue

The Gist: A roaming rogue who is trying to find something worth having.


  • At 13, while “training” with Flyneon, he caught another boy and kept him for a short time. This was a human boy named Scott, basically a ragamuffin. He was a little older than Turk, or seemed so because he was larger than him. He was not yet as skilled as Turk had become because of Flyneon’s training. When Turk was finally able to break Flyneon’s locks, he freed Scott too. Once outside they went their separate ways as Turk did not want to be with anyone. Scott was with Turk in the home for nearly a year.
  • In Bedrock, there is a guard at the market, Cottar Goodheart, who when he sees Turk (it might be all the ragamuffins, but Turk likes to think it’s just him) will toss him an apple or other snack or trinket. It might be sympathy. It might just be pity. But Turk always appreciates it.
  • Sam (see “Group Dynamic,” below)


  • Singing/Music – Nearly the only thing Turk remembers of his parents are their singing to him. He has a simple emotional reaction when he hears those types of vocal performances, lullabies, and folk-type music. It stills and centers him.
  • Gardening – Turk isn’t a strict vegetarian, but he typically finds it easiest to steal a fruit or vegetable, especially off the vine. It can be way too messy to catch/kill larger farm animals, though he will eat it, if available.


  • None.
  • Love is very romanticized to Turk because of the vague memories of his parents and their loving home. He would want that but life to this point has never presented that opportunity.
  • Turk does not seek it.


  • Flyneon Sandthorn – There’s grudging admiration, but fear and anger, too.
  • General aversion to anyone in positions of authority or security for fear of discovery.
  • In Bedrock, there is another guard in the town who, as opposed to Cottar Goodheart, is brutal and nasty. He takes any and every opportunity to beat on Turk. Popeye Stonefist.
  • Turk has encountered another street thief while scouting a neighborhood in Rockville, Talenta Plains. Turk only knew him by the name Swiftfeet.


  • In Kasserine, Valenar, a Halfling named Brogo Greatearth has hired Turk to be a hand on his farm from time to time. Not real income, but room and board. Turk is always able to keep to himself and like he does with Bedrock, he considers it a sanctuary when the scavenging life has worn him down.

*Alignment: True Neutral
*Disposition: Mousy & skittish, quiet, distant
*Moodiness: 8; situationally can go from happy – for a find, a trick, a prank – to detached and sad very easily.
*Generally optimistic: Turk believes in his ability to find what he needs.
*Integrity: Turk abides by his own ethic and tries to stick with it, but his survival techniques usually involve some sort of deception. He always tries to avoid personal injury and destruction.
*Not impulsive
*Not bold when himself; much more bold when in disguise
*Stubborn, hesitant of new things for fear of being revealed or discovered
*Cold towards others, especially new acquaintances
*Comportment: Casual, child-like
*Disclosure: Closed, rarely if ever shares personal information or stories
*Conformity: Conforms to what he knows, but probably doesn’t know a lot about what to conform to.
*Sense of Humor: Enjoys pranks, tricks, slapstick
*Magic: Reacts with wonderment
*Nature: Loves nature, animals and the land
*Military: Fear and avoidance
*Politics: No knowledge or interest
*Other races: Accepting and indifferent


Early Childhood and Lineage:

  • “Son” of Arielle and Vinric Stringer.
  • Halflings, Turk was discovered on their doorstep and taken in. They had no other children (and no extended family) and had resolved to not have children because of the impact of the war on their home town of Metrol, Cyre. It turns out they were correct to be concerned as they were both killed during a war event when Turk was only 4 years old.
  • He learned how to hide, how to survive, and has been on the streets for the last 14 years.
  • Turk has done this through stealing and theft. Not as a pickpocket, but rather taking items that Turk perceived to be “unused.” He doesn’t have any desire to cause or purposefully destroy anyone’s property. He’s also a collector/kleptomaniac and keeps a sack of miscellaneous items he’s found over the years: things that are interestingly shaped or shiny or colorful. Turk has no idea if any of these items are magical or simply mundane, nor does he care very much, but this bag is Turk’s security blanket. Not quite as obsessive as “my precious,” he still fiddles with and inspects the items with appreciation if he’s in a safe place.
  • Turk survived the “Day of Mourning” which destroyed his hometown because he was away on a scavenging run.


  • Though he owns no permanent residence – everything he owns he keeps on him – he considers the town of Bedrock, Talenta Plains to be his new “hometown.”
  • Born in Metrol, Cyre; lived there for 4 years.
  • The 14 years since has been a nomadic time for Turk, escaping to different locales, scavenging, but he’s kept finding himself returning to Bedrock time and time again. He might not realize it, but though he considers himself a loner and is very skittish of others, he subconsciously longs for a friend.
  • Also spends time in Kasserine, Valenar (see “Patron,” above).

Group Dynamic

  • At some point a few years back, Sam caught me lurking around watching her riding her dinosaur, watching with wonder and awe: “That’s so cool!”
  • Despite his attempts, Turk was never quite invisible enough to avoid her sight and views her now as a “big sister,” though he tries to keep his distance, not share or get too close.

Possible Conflicts:

  • Sam – pursuing personal questions, investigating those changes, who is Turk really?
  • Group, generally – needing to depend on others for help, stepping out of his comfort zone to help others.


  • None
  • Neutral to other religions; agnostic, indifferent
  • Doesn’t abide evil or the purposeful destruction of life or property
  • Turk doesn’t view his own thievery as destructive


  • Nothing formal, Turk is a child of the streets
  • At 10 years old, Turk was caught attempting to steal from a Halfling rogue’s back porch in Krezent, Talenta Plains. This man, named Flyneon Sandthorn, saw something in Turk and kept him a casual prisoner. He wasn’t tortured or abused, but the locks of the house were too advanced for Turk to pick and escape and so he was kept. During the nearly 4 years of captivity, Flyneon mentored Turk, teaching him roguish skills, techniques as well as reading and writing languages.
  • At 14 years old, Turk was finally advanced enough to pick the locks and escaped from Flyneon. Turk has never returned to Krezent.
  • As far as Turk knows, Flyneon is still there and alive. He was in his late 40s, as best as Turk could estimate.

Military History

  • None
  • Turk avoided this as much as possible, though he was 16 years old when it ended, so there was never a strong push by any local authorities to round him up to participate.
  • When Turk did hear about local conflicts, he did approach those sites of battle post-fight to scavenge whatever he might find.

Tragic Moment

  • At 4 years old, when Turk’s parents were killed during a home invasion resulting from a conflagration within Metrol, Cyre. It left Turk to fend for himself. He has no idea who the invaders were or what side they were fighting on.

Happiest Moment

  • Escaping from Flyneon Sandthorn.
  • When Turk first saw Sam riding her dinosaur.

Turk Stringer

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