Strange Ventures

How I Met Your Party

Barrakas 2, 998.

  • Tyfaerd wishes to hire a few members of the crew to serve as body guards for he and the scholars while they tour the Talenta Plains. He asks the captain, if he would assign someone, the captain said no, and Garreth volunteered. Taris decided to tag along to keep Garreth from doing anything stupid.
  • Anurin disembarks from the Skyberis and heads to the city square to look for work.
  • Tyfaerd and the other scholars leave the luggage for Garreth and Taris to pick up, they do not, but follow after the scholars.
  • Turk is walking through the dock when he sees the unattended luggage, and decides to take some of and some things from it. He finds a locked book, a masterwork dagger, a purse of 800 gold, and a few other trinkets. He arranges the luggage so it looks like he was never there, and hides.
  • Tyfaerd and co return to the luggage exasperated and fetch a cart to carry the luggage on. Reluctantly the scholars take it up after Garreth and Taris refuse to carry it for them. Tyfaerd explains that he requires a specific guide to guide them through the plains, one Dino Sam. Hearing this, Turk follows them, hoping that they’ll lead him to her.
  • Anurin arrives in the city square and spots a post saying that a Brelish Lord by the name of Myrren is looking for bodyguards, soldiers, and mercenaries. It bears the address of the local House Ghallandra House of Rest. Taking note, he heads there.
  • Evangeline arrives in the city of Gatherhold by way of her horse. Looking for work in the city square she finds several postings, the one that piques her interest is that a Brelish Lord by the name of Myrren is looking for bodyguards, soldiers, and mercenaries. It bears the address of the local House Ghallandra House of Rest. Taking note, she heads there.
  • Jetrol and Donlia arrive in Gatherhold by means of their carriage on a lead from Prince Oargev. Once they are within the city Jetrol casts detect object to locate any nearby Cyran jewelry. The spell leads them directly to Taris, whom they’ve met before.
  • Jetrol, Donlia, Taris, and Garreth are reunited with Taris and Garreth learning about Jetrol and Donlia’s marriage and congratulating them. Tyfaerd grows impatient until he has the idea to hire Jetrol’s carriage at the rate of 5sp per mile. Jetrol then summons a horse for their cart, as well as horses for the rest of them so that they may ride in peace, with one riding on the carriage.
  • Sebastian arrives by lightning rail from Zilargo. Checking the city square for job postings his interest is piqued by a reward for missing child posting. Taking down the information, he heads to speak with the family.
  • Tyfaerd and the others discover that someone matching Dino Sam’s description is drinking at a tavern called The Green Clawfoot. As they arrive there, Evangeline and Anurin arrive simultaneously to House Ghallandra’s House of Rest next door. After a brief conversation with the guard at the door he heads leads them inside to speak with Lord Myrren. Jetrol stables the horses, and stations the luggage cart and the carriage just outside with his dog keeping watch.
  • After they’ve all gone inside Turk goes into the stables to see if he can spot Tiny.
  • Sebastian arrives at the Glidewing family home and meets Fosco Glidewing, the parent of Tuppens Glidewing (the missing boy). Fosco explains that Tuppens is an adolescent without a trade who went missing five days ago. He usually spends a lot of his time at home, or at the Green Clawfoot with his friends.
  • Anurin and Evangeline have an audience with Lord Myrren and are hired to be added to his retinue of bodyguards. They are directed to report to their commanding officer, Captain Lombarth.
  • Tyfeard meanwhile has an audience with Dino Sam, and taking the fact that she’s a Halfling in stride, begs her to take them on a tour of the plains, and to sign something. He races outside only to find that the book is missing from his luggage. With a cry he brings Jetrol, Garreth, and Taris running.
  • Jetrol casts locate object, and gets a hit coming from the direction of the stables, walking that way he and the others see Turk, who heard them coming and decided to hide, making his way out the back of the stables and into the alley.
  • Jetrol and Tyfaerd give chase, while Garreth and Taris choose who is going to go after the thief and who is going to stay behind and guard the luggage. Taris stays behind.
  • Lord Myrren decides to stretch his legs and adds Anurin and Evangeline to his retinue to make for four guards, two on each side, to be walking with him while he strolls.
  • Hoping to catch up quicker Jetrol casts enlarge on his dog, and begins to ride it in the pursuit of Turk.
  • Lord Myrren and co. come to the mouth of an alley where they almost directly collide with Turk. Instead, Turk makes his way through him. A few seconds later, Jetrol and his dog leap over them, Anurin is knocked to the ground in surprise. Picking himself back up and brushing himself back off he joins Lord Myrren in looking with curiosity at the chase scene as Tyfaerd goes running past after them.
  • A few seconds later, Garreth makes it to the troop of Lord Myrren, and decides that he can’t keep up anymore, so he returns to the Green Clawfoot.
  • At Evangeline’s suggestion Lord Myrren and co. move to follow the chase, and see what happens next.
  • Sebastian arrives at the Green Clawfoot, and asks around about Tuppens. The barkeep says he’s seen him before, and saw Sam tell ‘em to keep it down a few times. Asking Sam, she doesn’t seem to remember much other than telling them to keep it down once or twice. Sebastian asks the barkeep if he knows of any good trackers who are looking for work. The barkeep laughs and points to Sam again.
  • Sebastian strikes up a conversation with Sam and asks her for her help in finding the missing child Tuppens, she agrees to help him and they depart from the Green Clawfoot.
  • Garreth returns to the luggage outside the Green Clawfoot and talks with Taris.
  • Sam and Sebastian collect Tiny from the Green Clawfoot’s stables.
  • Turk, seeing that he can’t outrun the dog, runs into a building, through a hallway, and out into an alley, hoping to escape or hide. Jetrol pursues, first on foot, and then on floating disk, into the alley. He calls out to the thief that all he wants is the book, and the thief tosses it to him, he picks it up and lets the thief go.
  • Lord Myrren, Anurin, Evangline, and the other two guards, arrive at the scene as Jetrol is leaving the building. When Myrren asks what happens Jetrol bows and introduces himself and explains that he recovered the book. When Myrren asks where the thief is, Jetrol explains that all he wanted was the book, not the thief, and he let the thief go. Disturbed by this due to his young and naïve outlook as to right and wrong, Myrren expresses his envy of the excitement and adventure in the lives of such people. Jetrol invites Myrren to join him and adventure with him, after doing a parlor trick to take his purse, which makes Myrren trust him even less. Anurin and Evangeline encourage him, to which he responds that they may go with him, but he will not, and they are released from their contracts (and paid out).
  • Sam, Tiny, and Sebastian head to the Glidewing family home to get something of Tuppen’s that Tiny could use to track his scent.
  • Jetrol, Evangeline, and Anurin return to the Green Clawfoot, when Jetrol notices that Tyfaerd isn’t with Garreth. Examining the Green Clawfoot they deduce that Tyfaerd is indeed missing. And after Jetrol finally gets to eat his lunch, they head out in search of him.
  • Taris and Garreth form a party, while the four remaining scholars, Jetrol, Donlia, Evangeline, and Anurin make up another.
  • Turk spots Sam and Sebastian following Tuppens’ trail and begins to follow.
  • With a head start Garreth and Taris eventually come across someone who said they saw Tyfaerd (or someone matching his nose’s description), enter an alleyway across the street and never coming out.
  • Jetrol and the others find someone who thinks they saw him buy a wagon, which he took behind a store, and then left with. Examining the store they enter [[Stitch and Seam’s Fine Clothiers]], with Stitch behind the counter. Stitch tells them that there have not been any customers that day, but he does recognize the description of Tyfeard by his clothes and recalls him running back and forth across the shop several times, the last time was in a wagon, heading Northwest.
  • As Garreth and Taris examine the alleyway, they find a torn piece of cloth and some blood. Examining the scene further, Garreth is able to determine that the alley’s courtyard was the scene of a scuffle. Finding a tooth he picks it up and hopes he can put it back in Tyfaerd’s mouth. As they exit the alleyway they find themselves next to Jetrol, Donlia, Evangeline, and Anurin.
  • Sam, Sebastian, and Turk arrive at a Moon Den in the less favorable part of the city. Entering they find the operator willing to offer them whatever pleasures they may be able to afford. Asking about Tuppens proves fruitless until Tiny chases the owner down, making him afraid and give in to Sebastian’s request to look around. Although he doesn’t find Tuppens he does notice that Turk is following them from the shadows. Sam tells him not to worry, that Turk is a friend. Tiny picks up the scent again, and they head out back into the courtyard of the Moon Den.
  • Following the trail and the road it is a long walk until Jetrol and the others find what they are looking for. Looking up Taris spots Tyfaerd walking toward them, looking fairly worse for wear. The confrontation escalates until Garreth pulls his pistol on Tyfaerd, and Tyfaerd uses his power over shadows to escape while having the last laugh. Pissed, but hoping to calm everyone down Hoarith explains what he thinks happened.
  • Garreth and Taris discuss going back to the Skyberis when Jetrol offers to buy them all drinks back at the Green Clawfoot.
  • Sam and Sebastian investigate the back courtyard of the Moon Den and discover a pouch of thieves’ tools bearing a symbol that Turk recognizes as belonging to the House of Locks. Approaching, he tells them a little bit about it, and that if someone else has been taken by it, he’d like to rescue them. Sebastian agrees, and suggests that they rest for the night first, and then move on after getting some supplies in the morning.
  • The two parties arrive at the Green Clawfoot at the same time, and enter together (save for Turk, who goes his own way until the morning). So then they all meet at the inn (or there about). As they get talking again, the two parties explain their plans, and decide to venture together to the House of Locks, while touring the Talenta Plains.

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